Our Story

As a high performance technology company, Traumasoft specializes in automation, system integration, and providing organizations with one solution to manage all of their business needs. Traumasoft was built with the input and expertise of actual EMS owners, managers, and personnel. Tired of over-priced software that under-delivered, Traumasoft contributors aimed to create a cost-effective solution that elevated their entire operation. Pairing real-world EMS professionals with a team of expert developers resulted in a solution capable of managing every facet of an EMS operation. With an inherent belief that software is only as good as the problems that it solves, Traumasoft continuously solicits and implements user feedback and suggestions from existing clients.

Traumasoft's EMS Contributors

Alert Ambulance
Jack Trovato

Vice President - Alert Ambulance

"At Alert  Ambulance we strive to evolve and implement cutting edge solutions. TraumaSoft helps us meet these missions and goals.  Our partnership has led to centralization of data that was previously spread across diverse platforms and an increase in efficiency, all while lowering cost. TraumaSoft has created a user-friendly platform that is embraced by our management, dispatch, billing and field staff."

Jason Skidmore

Owner Operator - Hart to Heart

"Traumasoft is one truly integrated product that drives efficiency in real-time. One system containing all of our information allow us to be pro-active rather than reactive in a transportation environment. The owners are receptive and the customer service is exceptional. Traumasoft is the right choice."

Dave Davis

President - A-Tec Ambulance

"Traumasoft is the only software company that conforms to our actual needs rather than giving us only one option or forcing our business to solely conform to the software. Customer service is very personal and we always know exactly who we are talking to. We never worry about getting support from someone with the exact knowledge needed, or about whether we will hear back from anyone. Every request is handled in a timely matter."


Jason Hess

Vice President - Physicians Ambulance

“Since switching to Traumasoft, we have increased efficiency in our Billing Department dramatically; speeding up our billing process, lowering our denial rates and allowing us to collect faster.  Traumasoft has allowed us to come full-circle with their fully integrated solution.”


Marie Eisbrenner

COO - Pride Care Ambulance

"Utilizing Traumasoft has given our organization the opportunity to streamline operations and eliminate redundancy. Every aspect of the organization is managed in one platform, increasing efficiency and eliminating the need for multiple software programs."

Streamline Your Entire EMS Operations