Crew Scheduler

Traumasoft's Crew Scheduler is the most advanced solution on the market. Schedules are developed based on real-time call volume, allowing managers to maximize utilization and resource allocation. Crews can set availability, request time off, trade or swap shifts automatically or with management approval. Based on your configuration, Crew Scheduler ensures that all vehicles have the appropriate licensed personnel on-board and that all of their certifications are current. No matter how demanding your scheduling needs are, Traumasoft's Crew Scheduler can handle it.

Key Features

  • Template scheduling
  • Rotation assignments by employee or in bulk
  • Individual employee scheduling
  • Daily/weekly/month calendar viewing
  • Bulk shift changing
  • Employee availability booking
  • Time-off requests
  • Shift pickups
  • Shift trading and shift trading credits
  • Shift substitutions
  • Employee scheduling apps for Android
  • Daily punch discrepancy reconciliation
  • Punch management
  • Timesheet summaries
  • Custom payroll export to match your payroll system

Please note:  ***Some features may not be available for all devices, systems or applications. 

Please contact Traumasoft for more information on specific features and specifications***

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