Seamlessly connect with Logisticare!

Traumasoft’s ELECTRONIC INTEGRATION enables you to seamlessly connect with  Saving time, resources and costs, Traumasoft’s integration tools and import feature gives you the ability to automatically upload and sync data directly from Logisticare     With this new integration, the need for manual data input is eliminated.  This valuable solution streamlines the flow of information,…
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Traumasoft=The Complete EMS Software Solution

Technology is creating a paradigm shift in every sector of the medical community from patient care to reimbursement.  Traumasoft is on the cutting edge of this revolution with an EMS software solution built to connect patients, caregivers, payers, and medical facilities with access to real-time information. Traumasoft is an international software company focused on the…
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Complete EMS Management Software

Looking for a Complete EMS Management System capable of managing every aspect of your EMS operation?  Traumasoft is an all-in-one system comprised of interconnected solutions that handles staff, integrates processes, manages equipment and grows revenue.  Gone are the days of multiple software providers and disconnected solutions. Come and experience a  World of Difference with Traumasoft. …
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Traumasoft Grows Internationally with Ireland EMS

Traumasoft Grows Internationally with Ireland EMS Traumasoft broadens our brand internationally by extending our solutions into the Ireland EMS market. Kicking off earlier this year, Traumasoft rolled out an Ireland EPCR to the Pre-Hospital Emergency Care Council with the end goal of providing the EPCR solution to all volunteer agencies in Ireland. Additionally, Traumasoft is…
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Traumasoft NEMSIS v3.4 Compliant

Traumasoft NEMSIS v3.4 Compliant Traumasoft is pleased to announce that our version 3 EPCR is now NEMSIS v3.4 compliant. This achievement further solidifies Traumasoft as a leader in the EPCR software market and allows our customers to remain in compliance with reporting regulations for Patient Care Reports. With the NEMSIS v3.4 compliance completed, Traumasoft is…
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Rethink Innovation–The Traumasoft Advantage

The Traumasoft Advantage offers significant benefits over other solutions in the EMS industry, enabling our customers to do more, and do so faster: ⇒Integrated solution using one common dataset ⇒Customizable and scalable to meet individual company needs ⇒Value-based pricing that’s simple, static, and pay-as-you-go ⇒Available anywhere from any web-enabled device ⇒Complete turn-key solution, meaning no additional…
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Mobile Healthcare Platform Enabled

Traumasoft has built a robust platform designed to be flexible and mobile healthcare-ready. Our solutions use one common dataset, are engineered for maximum flexibility and connectivity, and integrated with mission-critical solutions in the healthcare market.

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