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Virtual Classroom

Take control of your OT with Traumasoft's Virtual Classroom -- a powerful education solution enabling employers to administer tests, exams and other educational/compliance programs to employees over any internet-enabled device. Traumasoft delivers programs in a manner that improves compliance and reporting, and helps reduce unnecessary, costly classroom sessions. Administrators have the ability to create an unlimited number of tests, customized PDFs, images and videos in a variety of formats. Experience a fully automated testing process, from grading tests, requiring re-takes and initiating "next step" actions.

  • Unlimited Customized Tests
  • Auto-Administered Courses
  • Weighted Questions
  • Re-Occuring Tests
  • Questions Pools

virtual classroom

Automated Certification Tracking

Raise the quality and service standards for your employees with improved communication and reliability. With automated advanced notice of missing or renewal information, it's simple to identify training needs and provide instant reporting for regulatory compliance.


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