During the corona-virus pandemic, Traumasoft will continue to prioritize the health & safety of team members ensuring business continuity.

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Did you know? Traumasoft made over 4,000 enhancements in software this year alone? What can we do to enhance your software needs? We’re always open to requests, email chris@traumasoft.com Traumasoft: The Complete Package “It’s Already In There” www.traumasoft.com Twitter: @traumasoft Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/Traumasoft/ 
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We offer Fleet Operations Management:

Your fleet is on the road every day and requires constant monitoring. Vehicles require servicing, refueling, cleaning, and upgrading. Every fleet has inefficiencies such as excessive idling, AC/Heat overuse, and reduced utilization due to unauthorized or faulty trips. By connecting your fleet, Traumasoft reduces overall costs and increases the overall effectiveness of your organization. Key…
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We Can Do It:

Certification Tracking The one solution to maintain all your dated documents — including licenses, certification, in-house training, orientation information, HIPPA, and drivers training renewals. –Easy to use, the Certification Tracker raises the quality and service standard for your employees with improved communication and reliability. Identify training needs, renewals and expired information, quickly and efficiently. It exploits…
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GPS Solutions

#GPS SOLUTIONS: Delivering Value to your customers and beyond On-time performance and quality patient care is essential in today’s competitive market. Connect #nurses, #case #managers, and discharge planners with your #CAD for a truly integrated competitive advantage. www.traumasoft.com
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Medicare Cost Accounting Standards

Posted by Traumasoft on Friday, January 3, 2020

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