Traumasoft Technical Support

Traumasoft provides technical support for all our products and services.

How do I log in?

You’ll have been granted access to a unique subdomain that looks like this –

This page will provide username and password fields so you can log in to Traumasoft.

(A in diagram)


How can I reset my password?

On your login page, at the bottom right near the login button, is the ‘Forgot Password’ link. Click on this to begin the process of resetting your password.

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How can I access a free trial of Traumasoft?

Currently, we don’t offer free trails of Traumasoft. It’s enterprise software that requires a tailored setup for your business.

To request a demo, click here.


Where can I find your pricing?

Our pricing is very competitive. It’s also based on customer needs, so we don’t have flat fees and they’re not listed on our website.

To speak to a sales consultant, call (866) 245.2692.


How can I talk to a consultant?

You can call us directly on (866) 245.2692, email us at or use the chat window in the bottom right of your browser.


How can I reach Tech Support?

You can phone technical support 9-5 EST Monday-Friday on 269-366-3060 x2.

If you want to log a support ticket, email us at or use the fields at the bottom of this page.

For clients, we also have a dedicated emergency line available after hours.

You can find this on your portal.

If you need further technical assistance, there are several ways in which you can communicate with us.

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