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V3 Compliant Software Testing Status

The NEMSIS Technical Assistance Center congratulates the following EMS software vendors for successfully completing recertification testing for agency-level EMS software products that submit NEMSIS compliant data:

iPCR with Forte Holdings Inc
Simon with American Ambulance
Elite with ImageTrend
EMS Outfielder Web with Inspironix
MediView with Beyond Lucid Technologies
Street EMS with World Advancement of Technology for EMS and Rescue
MEDS with American Medical Response
TSOFT v3 with Traumasoft

The rigorous testing process validates compliance in the accurate application of the NEMSIS data standard. The National EMS Database relies on strict adherence to established standards to maintain high quality and usable data.


This page contains information about the EMS Software Companies and their products (based on version) that have achieved or actively working to complete NEMSIS Version 3 Compliance. Currently active versions of NEMSIS include: v3.3.4, v3.4.0, and v3.5.0.

View Compliant Software for NEMSIS Version: 

EMS Software that has undergone NEMSIS v3 compliance testing should be tested again for compliance when a major change to the software is developed and released, or every two years, whichever occurs sooner.

What Does v3 Compliant Software Mean for a Potential Customer?

Please remember as a potential customer of a software company, these lists are just one of many tools you should use to evaluate the total package being offered to your organization. Any software package should be evaluated on its overall fit into your organization’s needs. The EMS software company’s web page may be accessed by simply clicking on the EMS software company name.


NEMSIS compliant software products that EMS agencies may purchase to document patient care encounters and submit data to the state. *The NEMSIS Technical Assistance Center has established a policy not to disclose those software packages that were unsuccessful in their attempt to complete the compliance testing process.  Read More…