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Free Bed Manager Software for Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities

As a Traumasoft customer, you can provide Bed Manager to your facility customers for FREE.

Bed Manager is a component of Traumasoft’s EMS management software system. It is integrated with Traumasoft’s call intake process, which will reduce your staff's workloads and allows direct access and insights into the census of the healthcare facilities you work with.  Having access to census data will enable you to plan transports and anticipate patient discharges.

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Benefits for Your Clients: Hospitals and Healthcare Facilities

A Birds-Eye View of Bed Usage Capacity at Any Time

For hospitals and healthcare facilities, Bed Manager helps visualize bed utilization throughout one or more facilities. By providing an overarching view of capacity, patient flow and bed utilization across floors and departments, patient throughput can be evaluated in real-time. Visible bed statuses enable rapid patient allocation and can decrease patient placement bottlenecks.

Instant Text Notifications for Reminders or Emergencies

Text messages can be instantly sent to the relevant decision maker or groups of people. The most commonly used notifications include status updates, which can be sent to the facility’s ER, nurses, or the bed control staff. Instant Text Notifications eliminates another layer of the communications barrier and allows healthcare facility workers to respond efficiently.

Dashboard to Monitor Inbound Patients

Healthcare systems can have a dashboard that displays all inbound patients coming to your client’s healthcare facilities.  This helps them plan ahead according to demand or make necessary adjustments, making it extremely easy to work with your ambulance schedules. This dashboard is commonly displayed on a large display in their ER or ambulance drop-off locations.

Benefits for You: EMS and NEMT

Accurately Predict Ambulance Demand Volume

You will have the ability to better predict ambulance demand from your customers that use Bed Manager. Because you are the provider and administrator of Bed Manager, you have access to data that tells you the number of patients that will be discharged within 2 hours, 2-6 hours, in 24 hours, and in 24-48 hours. This critical data enables you to accurately plan your staffing, minimize patient wait-time and increase your overall utilization rate.

Streamlined Data Transfer from Healthcare Systems to EMS & NEMT

When a patient is discharged, patient care information from the hospital is streamlined to Traumasoft’s CAD Module. The linked information eliminates any need for paper request forms or manual data entry transfers from one system to the other, ensuring accurate information and a enabling more efficient patient discharge process.

Secure Your Customer Base – for Life

Because Bed Manager is a component of Traumasoft, you can offer this component to your healthcare facilities for free. Once they begin using this free bed management software, your vendor relationship becomes a stronger partnership. Replacing Bed Manager with a more costly hospital bed management system wouldn’t make any economic sense. All of these gives you a competitive edge against other EMS organizations and helps you secure your customer base.

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Revenue Boost from 3-4X Increase in Dispatch Capacity

Traumasoft’s user-friendly interface, combined with a more robust system, enabled dispatchers to manage 3 to 4 times more ambulances than previously.

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More Efficient Dispatching

“It’s a whole lot quieter in the dispatch center, even on a crazy busy day with the radios and the phones, because everything’s on the tablets and everything is there.”

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Implementing Bed Manager is Extremely Simple. Request a Demo Now!