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Easier Scheduling for Facilities = Increased Revenue

Traumasoft understands that to maintain current contracts or win new ones you have to provide more than just quality transportation. Today, technology is reshaping how the medical community communicates and shares information. Traumasoft is on the cutting edge of this movement and has developed tools designed to give you a competitive advantage. Traumasoft’s Trip Scheduler offers built-in booking tools that make everyday tasks easier for you and your facilities.

Key Features

  • Optimized trip scheduling
  • Maximize utilization with Quick View Grid
  • Completely integrated with CAD and GPS
  • Virtual chat w/Dispatchers
  • Anytime, anywhere access
  • Integrated trip brokering capabilities
  • Flexible trip ordering customized to each ordering facility
  • Bed logistics with early discharge notification capabilities
  • Hospital & medical family transportation status dashboards
  • Reporting

Get to know Traumasoft's Online Booking Tools:

Trip Scheduler

A safe, secure, and easy to use transportation request ordering solution available for Windows, MAC, iOS, and Android platforms. Trip Scheduler is ideal for discharge planners, social workers or anyone responsible for arranging, monitoring and managing transportation needs. The system can be set up to allow automatic notifications and alerts for a variety of key elements such as daily trip logs, trip requests received, status updates (en-route, on-scene etc.), cancellations and delays. Trip Scheduler is connected to CAD, giving your crew the ability to secure and approve trips before automatically sending them into your call intake. This process saves time for both you, your facility/customer, and most importantly that facility’s patient. Trip Scheduler has a built-in chat feature for quick communication as well as dynamic dashboards to keep everyone alerted and well connected.

Trip Planner

A paradigm shift in traditional ordering and scheduling of transportation services. With Trip Planner, the service provider schedules the appointment dates and times for the requesting entity. The requesting entity provides all of the necessary information through their custom online portal, the service provider contacts the destination facility (i.e. Physician's office, Out-Patient Facility, etc), once the optimal date and time has been established, notification information is sent to the requesting entity’s dashboard, email, and/or text message. All of this information moves right to your CAD.

Trip Assistant

Similar to Trip Scheduler above with one significant difference, with Trip Assistant, requesting entities have the ability to see units assigned to them along with their availability. This custom dashboard enables them to see current and future requests for service and choose the best available open unit. This system improves utilization, on-time performance, reliability and overall customer satisfaction. You have the ability to show your customers the best available times for you. It’s time to change the 10am to 2pm paradigm in EMS!

Trip Brokerage

Designed for service providers who want and/or need to “broker” calls to other service providers. Trip Brokerage enables service providers to capture requests for service, distribute or assign them to other providers, as well as, track and monitor their service performance.

Bed Manager

An online solution designed to show bed availability to authorized users (i.e. other in-network or owned-facilities). Similar to Trip Scheduler, but with advanced discharge notification capabilities. The system provides a mechanism to notify service providers of anticipated transportation needs in order to improve reliability, on-time performance and ultimately improved through-put for the medical facility. Want to increase your on-time rates, now you know when the patient is discharged, you are ready when they are.

Please note:  ***Some features may not be available for all devices, systems or applications. 

Please contact Traumasoft for more information on specific features and specifications***

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